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Top 4 Tulum, Mexico Experiences for the Wellness Traveler

Updated: Sep 26

Heading to Tulum for an escape into the jungle? Sounds like a great idea. I spent 4 months living in Tulum, Mexico so I know all the ins and outs. Here is my collection of the Top 4 Experiences in Tulum for the Wellness Traveler.

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Tulum is not just a place to sunbathe all day and club all night. It is loaded with healing, and wellness, and has plenty of spiritual activities and experiences to choose from. This makes Tulum the perfect place for a solo wellness getaway.

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1. Ikal Tulum Hotel - Tulum, Mexico

Ikal Tulum Hotel is the epitome of a beach and jungle sanctuary. Enjoy your stay in one of their beach-front cabanas with daily access to the oceanfront yoga shala with a variety of wellness classes. Dine at their authentic Mexican restaurant, Maia, quench your thirst at their beachfront juice bar, enjoy daily live music, and get your tan on at the pristine white sand beach. It really doesn't get any better than this. I spent 4 months in Tulum and you could find me at Ikal almost every day. Right in front of Ikal is my favorite spot to lay on the beach, chill by the oceanfront pool, or to catch a sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico. There is a general feeling of peace and serenity here that is very special.

spiritual events tulum mexico, best things to do in tulum mexico

2. Temazcal at Espiritu Wellness

Temazcal is a Mayan ceremony inside a traditional stone sweat lodge. It lasts for 2-3 hours and you are led through the ceremony by a shaman. You are guided through an intense cleansing and healing experience and a lot of sweating. If you like saunas, you should definitely try this. The facilitators here are above and beyond. They truly are magnificent healers.

Some of the healing benefits include:

  1. Body detoxification

  2. Purification of the mind

  3. Personal growth and healing

  4. Improved blood flow

  5. Reduced stress and anxiety

  6. Mental clarity

  7. Rejuvenation

  8. Spiritual healing

3. Holistika Hotel Tulum

Holistika tulum hotel, best hotels in tulum mexico, spiritual events tulum mexico, best things to do in tulum mexico

Holistika is a wellness traveler's dream. It is almost impossible for me to describe to someone who has never experienced it. Some travelers stay in Holistika and never leave for the duration of their trip. It is tucked away into the jungle and impressively designed with stunning architecture, landscaping, and art installments. It features two on-site yoga studios, a dome for wellness classes and events, a pottery studio, on-site massage therapists and body workers, and a plant-based restaurant. I highly recommend attending the Detox Flow yoga class and a Light Portal Ceremony hosted by The Light Portal Team.

Holistika tulum hotel, best hotels in tulum mexico, spiritual events tulum mexico, best things to do in tulum mexico

4. Mayan Belly Massage

The Mayan Belly Massage was a new discovery for me while in Mexico. The Mayans have perfected this unique massage technique. It is an abdominal massage session that shifts your internal organs back into their correct position. In turn, it improves abdominal blood flow, promotes lymphatic drainage, and removes energetic blocks. It is amazing for aiding in digestive or reproductive health issues. My experience with the Mayan Belly Massage at Espiritu Wellness was nothing short of therapeutic.

Tulum is truly a healing sanctuary and many people feel called to visit during challenging times. I left Tulum feeling like a brand new person. My travels there impacted me on a soul level. I hope you try out my Tulum Top 4 and have an incredible experience!

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