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5 Trip Planner AI Tools You Need to Plan Your Next Vacation

Updated: Sep 26

The age of the travel agent is coming to an end. Due to the advancements in technology and AI software, you can now use artificial intelligence to create the perfect travel itinerary. Planning travel can be a tedious and lengthy task, especially to a destination you have yet to discover. These technological advancements in the travel industry are shifting the way travelers explore the world. Now, you can have a detailed 10-day itinerary to any location in the world in seconds, for free! Keep on reading to discover five AI trip planner tools you need to seamlessly plan your next vacation.

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How Do You Use AI in Travel?

AI stands for artificial intelligence and it has been around a lot longer than you may think. AI is a part of your everyday life and you may not even know it. Thanks to AI, you can open your phone with Face ID, view content on social media tailored to your interests, and get directions to essentially anywhere in seconds. AI is the reason you landed on this article. So, how does this apply to travel? Besides GPS applications, there are a multitude of AI tools you can use to assist in your travel planning. Let's go over the top 5!

Top 5 AI Trip Planner Tools:

1. Wander -Best for Budget Travelers travel search engine

Wander is a customized search engine for travelers. You can enter your trip requirements and preferences such as budget, dates, passengers, and departing airports and Wander will discover destinations that you can travel to within those parameters. This is a very fun site for nomads and budget travelers!

2. - Best for Travel Itineraries ai travel planner is the perfect site to create customized and detailed travel itineraries. Simply, enter your travel destination and let AI do the rest! You will receive a 5-day detailed itinerary for any destination including Morning, Afternoon, and Evening activities for each day.

3. - Best for Booking Hotels ai hotel travel planner is a fast and easy way to compare hotels based on your travel preferences. You can filter by price, location, and your preference for hotel brands. When using a mainstream travel booking site, you can be overwhelmed by options making the planning process unnecessarily stressful. With this AI tool, you will be matched with your perfect hotel options instantly, taking the stress out of your vacation!

4. MapsGPT - Best Tool to Find Hidden Gems

mapsGPT ai travel planner site

MapsGPT is my personal favorite AI travel tool. It is like having a local friend in any city who knows all of the cool places. You can even categorize your search by "vibe". You can find the best places to catch a sunset or sunrise, the best chill restaurants, or the most lively nightclubs in any area of the world! Travel is being revolutionized due to tools like MapsGPT!

5. - Best for Spontaneous Travelers

wheretoai ai travel planner website

With this tool, you can get a detailed itinerary for last-minute trips, or discover new locations based on your travel preferences. WhereTo has the information all you have to do is ask! Try out the Dreamer feature the next time you get the travel bug and don't know where to go. You can enter your travel style whether it is a beach getaway or a city excursion. You then share what month you would like to go and your budget. WhereTo will recommend the best locations for you so you can spend more time packing your bags and less time on the computer!

Cheers to the future of travel planning!

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